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Music is central to our worship at Christ Church. In our services, we enjoy traditional music from our choir and organ, contemporary music from our worship group accompanied by piano, guitar, brass and percussion and the occasional solo performance from one of our star singers.

Our choir has sung at many prestigious occasions and venues including Gloucester Cathedral and our Worship Group provides the music for our hugely popular Christingle services which have become a seasonal highlight for the local community.  Ranging from secular classics and Christmas chart hits to deeply reflective music, we are privileged to help lead around 1,000 people towards a richer understanding of the Christmas message

We invite you to come along and have a listen, and would be very pleased if you would like to join in!

Join Our Choir

The living tradition of Christ Church Choir has been achieved by the regular addition of new members and passing on to them the skills and erience of those who have served before them. Without a regular infusion of new talent, the choir would have ceased to exist long ago so the choir is always looking for new members, to continue to lead the worship of God’s people here.

If you have a voice and care about the future of the music in our church, we would love to hear from you! Whether you are a brilliant musician with years of experience, or have no experience but are willing to learn, you will be very welcome. 

There is no formal audition and you don’t have to be great at reading music – many of us picked that up as we went along.   Have a chat with Tim Ingold, our Director of Music, if you think that singing in our choir might be for you.

What do we ask from you? 

  • Regular (though not invariable) attendance at choir rehearsals on Friday evenings and at services where the choir is singing (typically 3 or 4 times a month). 
  • Willingness to learn with others and from our Music Director.
  • Willingness to recognize mistakes and learn from them.

What can you expect from us?

  • Being part of a group with common aims and ambitions
  • Training to grow your musical skills and confidence
  • The chance to achieve what you never thought you could
  • The chance to sing a wide variety of music, including some of the best ever written
  • Opportunities to sing in special events at Christ Church and further afield in some wonderful venues
  • The huge satisfaction that comes from using your talents in the worship of God
Practice Times
Treble PracticeFridays – 6pm to 8pm
Choir PracticeFridays – 7:45 to 9pm

Join Our Worship Group

The worship group form part of the music-for-worship team here at Christ Church.  With a flexible membership of around 17, we are a group of music-loving, worship-loving, singing and instrument-playing people who aim to share our joy with our fellow Christians week by week. 

Led by Beck Donaldson and working alongside our clergy, we provide music to enhance the themes of each service and to draw people into God’s presence.  Sometimes exuberantly upbeat, sometimes reflective, our music is drawn from a wide variety of sources including Iona responses, Psalm Songs, traditional hymns played by brass quartets, contemporary worship songs, new versions of old hymns etc. Where appropriate we have used jazz classics, film music and chart hits containing sacred truths which can all help 21st century souls to see the face of God.

Why is it SO GOOD being in the worship group?  Because there’s room for everyone who needs to be here!  And because the praise and worship of our Creator is the most important thing we can ever do…