Christ Church Pre-school

For pre-school children from age 2
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A caring, Christian environment, inclusive to all children from the age of 2yrs to 4/5 years.

At Christ Church Pre-school we recognise the importance of learning through play and children are given every opportunity to play in a happy and relaxed atmosphere.

We meet Monday to Friday in term-time and offer the below sessions:

Price per session
Early Morning Start – 8.30am (limited spaces available)£2.50
Mornings – 9.00am to 12:00pm£12.00 to £16.00
Lunch – 12:00pm to 12.30pm£2.50
Afternoons – 12:30pm to 3:00pm£12.00 to £16.00
All-day Session – 9.00am to 3:00pm£26.50 to £33.50
Children can attend as many sessions as required. We aim to fit the needs of all families where possible.

We accept child care vouchers and all Government funding, please enquire for further information about this.

If you are interested in enrolling your child, please get in touch with Vicki West or Lisa Davis on 01242 243021 or

Further information about Pre-school at Christ Church

Payment of Fees

All fees that are payable are invoiced half-termly, payment can be made by cash, cheque or online transfer. The invoice outlines the sessions attended and also the duration of the term and the amount per session.

We accept child care vouchers and all Government funding, please enquire for further information about this.

If your child attends another setting and you are receiving funding, you can split the funding between the two settings or select which setting you wish to receive the funding. This may create a ‘short-fall’ leaving an amount outstanding, which you would be invoiced for as stated above.

Snacks and Lunch

Both our morning and afternoon sessions incorporate a healthy snack which includes, but is not limited to, bread, bananas, apples, pears, grapes, oranges, raisins, cheese, crackers, tomatoes, breadsticks, humous, cucumber, celery, peppers and fromage frais. The children are also given the choice of Milk or water to drink throughout the day. 

We are aware that some children may have allergies, medical, or cultural reasons why they are unable to have certain foods. We ensure that these needs are met and catered for, if a child has an intolerance we will ensure an alternative is given instead.

We ask that you provide a cold packed lunch for children staying for lunchtime. Unfortunately, we are unable to heat any food and unable to store food in the fridge. We recommend you put an ice pack in to keep food cool if necessary. We ask that you provide a healthy, balanced lunch. More information about this can be found here

About the Pre-school

The Pre-school was formed in January 1979 by members of Christ Church and is regarded by the church as part of its outreach to the community.

Through free play and some adult-provided engagement, we work hard to deliver the Early Years Foundation Stage. The Early Years Foundation Stage is our statutory framework which starts at birth and continues until the end of a child’s reception year. We use a document called ‘Development Matters’ to help us determine where your child’s starting points are and track their progress.  This is primarily driven by the individual child’s interests, which is used to plan and encourage learning and future development.

The Pre-school is managed by a committee of parent and church representatives, although the Play Leader is in charge of its day-to-day running.

Christ Church Pre-school is a member of Gloucestershire PATA (the Playgroup and Toddler Association) and is registered with the Office for Standards in Education (OFSTED), who regard the committee as the ‘registered person’ responsible for ensuring that the Early Years Foundation Stage is delivered.

Meet the team

As required by Ofsted, most of our staff have Early Years Qualifications at level 3 or above and all staff have enhanced DBS disclosures. In line with the Statutory Framework, (Personal Development) Christ Church Pre-school also expect each member of staff to undertake professional development throughout the year, as well as First aid, Manual Handling, Prevent Duty, and Safeguarding when it is required.

Vicki West
Play Leader

Lisa Davis
Deputy Play Leader

Play Assistant

Play Assistant

Play Assistant

Play Assistant

Sarah R
Play Assistant

Sarah B
Play Assistant

Play Assistant